Pokemon Platinum Version (US) ROM

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File size: 20.8MB

Console: Nintendo DS (NDS)

Genre: Role Playing

Region: USA

Rating: 4.7


ROM Description

I reluctantly admit that Pokemon Diamond ROM and Pearl had many flaws, and while Platinum ROM wasn't able to fix all of them, there definitely are some much appreciated changes. Platinum is a much more solid game compareв to Diamond and Pearl with a lot better mechanics.

New animated sprites

Believe it or not, Pokemon Platinum introduced new animated sprites. Not only were Pokemon sprites redone, but for the first time in a main series Pokemon game back sprites were animated. Before Platinum back sprites were always still images, but now the back sprites finally joined the party with front sprites. And when they enter the battlefield they have a custom animation for every Pokemon.

Pokemon Platinum New animated sprites

And back sprites weren't the only asset given new animations. Important trainers such as Galactic Admins and gym leaders, all given animations during battle. I would even add to this entry the large trainer shots displayed before these important battles. This was a dramatic effect! Seeing that large versus dividing yourself and your opponent really amped you up before you went in. Well, these are small changes, but I appreciate them as an effort to increase immersion in the battle environment, especially with important trainers. I feel like having this be a distinct feature really sets the stage for an intense battle, be it in a gym or all trying to take down Team Galactic.

New Pokemon forms

Platinum ROM has some cool new Pokémon forms like Rotom, Giratina and Shaymin. Each of these bring a lot to the table. For starters, I feel like Giratina got so much justice with its new form. This new form embodies the darkness and antimatter that Giratina is all about. And for what it's worth watching, the shadow of Giratina's origin form jump-scare Cyrus at the top of Mount Coronet is the most satisfyingly eerie moment in Pokemon games. Those long black wings and those glowing red claws are so epic.

Shaymin sky form was also a welcomed addition. While it's not my favorite of the bunch, I think this is a fun, bubbly variant of our bashful little pet.

And then Rotom was given the whole kitchen sink. Almost literally. Rotom was given a whopping five new forms, including: Cut, Frost, Heap, Spin and Wash. Perhaps the coolest aspect of these forms is the backstory. Diamond ROM and Pearl were the first games you could find Rotom in. And here we learned that Rotom could take the form of appliances.

Pokemon Platinum Rotom forms

I remember that event you could trigger in the old chat when that television would talk back to you. It was just Rotom. It was so creepy, so satisfying. Just by bringing Rotom to a room full of appliances, allows it to change form. That's so cool!


Pokemon Platinum ROM has Diamond and Pearls postgame plus the Battle Frontier and a new private villa you can own and customized as a player. It's similar to the secret base system, and trainers can even come and visit you. These two post-game features alone already make Diamond and Pearls post-game look like complete garbage. The post-game is pretty great in Pokemon Platinum not gonna lie.

Pokemon Platinum Post-game

New evolutions

In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, there was only one fire type evolution line outside of the Chimchar line. One! I mean there were more steel type evolutions. I love Ponyta and all, but there was a serious lack of diversity in this department.

Thankfully, Platinum added evolutions from previous generations becoming available. For example, Flareon and Houndoom and with the addition of many new evolutions as well. Game Freak took this as an excuse to make them accessible before the postgame. It's not perfect, but better than it was.

Pokemon amount

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have a decent Pokédex. Pokemon Platinum fix this by adding 59 new Pokemon, including great Pokemon like Gallade and Houndoom. I'm gonna make this short and sweet. Pokemon Diamond and Pearl lack great Pokemon. Pokemon Platinum has a much broader selection of Pokemon. And therefore makes the player's journey a lot more fun and easier to choose a team.

What I mean by "easier to create a team" is a new evolution Pokemon are a lot easier to obtain. For example, Togekiss. Togepi is available early in Pokemon Platinum in Eterna City. Cynthia gives you an egg for Togepi. And you can evolve it in the Togekiss relatively earlier than having to wait till the postgame.

Another example is Swinub. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, you would have to wait until swarms, which is basically in a postgame. In Platinum, you can catch it on route 217. And you can have Mamoswine in no time. Platinum added new Pokemon and made it easier to get them.


It's true! Diamond and Pearl are slow games. And while Pokemon Platinum ROM isn't exactly Speedy Gonzales, it's definitely made some strides. One of the most notable is in the surf speed. Surfing in Diamond and Pearl is notoriously slow. When you put it side-by-side with Platinum surfing, it really is night and day.

Pokemon Platinum faster than Diamon and Pearl

There are also a handful of other changes made that just helped Platinum flow better. Some of these include the ability to bike through the gate houses in between towns. There isn't much else to say for this entry, but it was much needed.

3D Features

Pokemon's first step of attempting for 3D features on a handheld device was from Pokemon Platinum. The Distortion World was the breathtaking new world that players could experience 3D in broken laws of physics. This world made Pokemon Platinum so iconic. This was the ultimate way to introduce Giratina and 3D to the Nintendo DS.

Pokemon Platinum Distortion World

The Distortion World opened up what we see with Pokemon today. Now all Pokemon games are 3D. One crazy world that Giratina lived in made games like Pokemon Sun and Moon possible.

At the point when Pokemon Platinum came out, we were only used to seeing 2D Pokémon. Seeing something so amazing as the Distortion World shocked Pokemon fans. It is definitely one of the most iconic features in the entire Pokemon franchise.

Plot enhancements

Platinum delves deeper into the plot presented by Diamond and Pearl. Setting the stage as early as Lake Verity. Encountering Cyrus right after you get your starters. Cyrus is made out to be a deeper character in Platinum, making his intentions out to be more ominous and sinister. Even scenes such as those from the galactic HQ where Cyrus is giving a speech in front of a massive amount of galactic runts paints the picture that this is a legitimate criminal organization.

Charon is also a welcome addition to the plot. I appreciate that this gave us the ability to continue the story of Team Galactic during the postgame in Stark Mountain.

Although I will say Looker is definitely my favorite addition. Looker had many appearances in the story. Sometimes in disguise giving you that reassurance that what you're doing is the right thing. There really isn't much to Looker but he's a really likable character. And I think this is why they keep bringing him back countless times in newer games.

Good work Game Freak!

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