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File size: 38.7MB

Console: Nintendo DS (NDS)

Genre: Role Playing

Region: USA

Rating: 4.5


ROM Description

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Continuing here, we can take a look at the pokegear. This received quite a decent upgrade from the previous titles, by making it possible to obtain every phone number in the game instead of only 10. And allowing you to customize the theme of your pokegear. It also added new features to make it a lot more useful.

One of the best new features is the new radio stations that are offered. The Pokemon music channel allows you to obtain Pokemon from Hoenn and Sinnoh on specific days when you tuned into the channel. It can also increase the amount of encounters you have, decrease the amount of encounters you have and play the classic Gameboy music that we talked about earlier.

Other little sections added were: the unknown radio station now increases the chance of you encountering an unknown form that you haven't seen before. And the daycare man now calls you when an egg is available to pick up, which can be helpful in quite a lot of situations.

Pokemon summaries also received a new update where you can now see how their nature affects their stats, by having colors that show which stat is increased and which ones decrease.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver Pokemon summaries

Another big addition to this ROM are legendaries. With the new in-game events as well as some Nintendo events offered over time, it's possible to attain Kyogre, Groudon, Requena, Dialga, Palkia, Giratina, Latios, Latias and Celebi which is a huge chunk of Legendary's post generation 2.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver legendaries Pokemon

The special events were really something else too. If you have an Arceus, you can unlock a completely new area of the game, get another legendary of your choice and get to watch a slideshow over the world for two minutes. If you got the shiny Pichu event during Platinum's release and traded it to the new games, you could get a special Pichu with a notched ear that was only available in these games. At the same location, if you obtain the event Celebi during its release you literally go back in time to learn about the backstory that reveals Giovanni as Silver's father. Name another event that had twists as crazy as that one does.

The last new thing that we're gonna look at right now are the berry pots. This is a new key item introduced that allows you to grow berries on the go. Because you can't normally grow berries like you could in Ruby and Sapphire, this makes it so you can easily obtain special berries for competitive play or healing while you're playing through the ROM.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver berry pots

Well, there are a lot of new additions to these games, they're a bunch of aspects of the game that were revamped from the previous installments. A large majority of these were changes to the overworld, but they were also quite a few additional changes to the story and specific menus.

When it comes to locations, a ton of places redone - not only improve the looks of the game, but also add a little more realism to the world. In Olivine City, the lighthouse was given an elevator to reach the top, which fixes the confusion as to why you originally had to fall through the floor to descend the lighthouse faster in Gold, Silver and Crystal. But at the same time they added an outside platform you have to reach to progress, but the way that you get there is jumping out of an open window so maybe there was another weird reason I couldn't figure out.

Speaking of the Pokedex, there was also given a new look. You now have regional decks and national decks once you receive it, which was a concept that didn't reach the games until Ruby and Sapphire. The Pokedex has some of the generation 4 Pokemon added in as well as Pokémon like Magmar or and Electabuzz.

Finally, let's talk about some things that they fixed. All the berry trees that were on the map are now app record trees. This is mainly because they replaced all the original items from the ROM, but it also made the Apricorns a lot less scarce. The trees are now color coded so you know which Apricorn you get before you even shake the tree.

Even the pokeballs that were made for them were fixed. Pokeballs, like the fastball, were coded incorrectly in the previous games to the point where they are almost useless. But now they fully work as intended, which helps catch the ruing beasts a lot easier than before.

Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver pokeballs

The last really impactful thing was the changes that they made to the bug catching contests. The main issue was that you had a really low chance to get into first place because of some coding errors, but now if you catch a low-percentage pokemon like Pinsir or Scyther, your chances of losing are pretty low.

To put it short, this game added all the things that people didn't know they wanted until they got it. HeartGold ROM and SoulSilver are what any remakes should be. A modernization of a fan-favorite game that not only gives you the classic experience, but improves all the flaws of a previous installment. Basically every aspect of this game is perfect, and I think that's why an overwhelming majority of Pokemon fans love this game so much.

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